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Welcome to LEAX!

LEAX is a contract manufacturer. We don´t have any products of our own, our task is to produce our customers´products more effectively than they can do themselves.
Core competence lies within machining
Our core competence lies within machining where our great width enables us to meet our customers´needs. Our main competence is within rotation symmetrical work pieces preferably with complicated gear geometry at the end of the part.
We deliver to heavy Commercial vehicles
But we also deliver e.g. complete propeller shafts for Commercial vehicles and also strong parts to the Construction- and Mining industry and products that include a lot of assembly.

Our aim is to continue to grow and increase our global presence to be a strong partner to our customers as they grow throughout the world. Through our focus on effective production solutions and with a systematic approach to continuous improvements we make sure that we stay competitive.

Leax Group AB,  Nya Hamnvägen 4, 731 36 Köping, Sweden | Phone: +46 (0) 221 - 346 00 | Fax: +46 (0) 221-186 50