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Welcome to LEAX!

LEAX is a manufacturing partner with a global footprint in Europe, Americas and Asia.

We love production and its challenges!

Core competence lies within machining
Our core business is manufacturing of transmission components and subsystems for commercial vehicles.                            
Fast growing Tier 1,5 supplier
To continue to be an attractive partner we grow fast. The last 20 years we have doubled our turnover every third or fourth year. 

We develop the competences and processes that we need for our core business and then reuse them in other industries.  

For commercial vehicles we position ourselves as a Tier 1,5 supplier. In some business areas we are a Tier 1 supplier with a product portfolio of our own. 

Leax Group AB,  Nya Hamnvägen 4, 731 36 Köping, Sweden | Phone: +46 (0) 221 - 346 00 | Fax: +46 (0) 221-186 50